New Math for Bird Lovers: One’ll Get You 30.

One ticket. One stop. 30 artists. It all adds up to the best math of all.

There’s a lot going on at Proutopia. Park just once and get a day’s adventure amongst our flock. There will be a whole list of events at the Bower Bird Board and you can check that out right beside the portal as you enter.

Even if you were here in the spring, you’ll find something new at Proutopia, including a few new birds flying into the coop this Labour Day weekend. They might be fledgling Proutopians, but they’re already high-flying artists.

Here they are, ready for take-off:

Rose Marie Peloquin: Felted wool sculpture

Rose Marie is from Ste. Rose-du-Lac, Manitoba. She happens to be bilingual (in fact she’ll be chatting about Proutopia on CBC Radio-Canada alongside our own videographer Kit Muir), 8:15 a.m. on Aug 22nd.

You’ll most often find me surrounded by mounds of wool, using my barbed wands to sculpt faces. We have conversations as they introduce themselves to me and assert their personality.

The question is: Are those conversations en français ou anglais?

Ryan Lacovetsky: Glass sculpture

Ryan will have pendants, marbles, pipes and assorted drink ware ... and maybe a few other surprises.

I make glass art, especially pipes in a variety of useful forms which include goblets, shot glasses and vessels for plants. A growing number of art glass collectors are becoming aware of glass pipes as art objects.

Tamara Klassen: Textile artist

Tamara Klassen hails from Southern Manitoba where she learned to sew from her grandmother. She uses traditional techniques and natural dyes to produce her work which includes art pieces and home goods.

I love to explore how to coax colors from different natural sources. Each one is a mystery that needs to be unlocked, once you know its secrets, you can obtain the means to make beautiful pieces.

Wild Writers: Sharon Arksey, Donna Besel, Lauren Carter & Ariel Gordon.

Poetry, prose, love, sex, cows, and the boreal forest. Oh my.

Come and meet this local literary foursome and hear them read from their published works at the bower.

In addition to the readings and book sales by the Wild Writers (you’ll find them in the garage), poet Ariel Gordon will also present TreeTalk where she will be writing poems and hanging them from a tree on the Proutopia site. Help create a second set of leaves for the tree with paper and yarn. Sit in the shade and add your own thoughts, poems, and confessions to the canopy.


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