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How to Proutopia

Everyone who loves Proutopia knows one thing for certain: The art market happens come rain or shine. Heidi Hunter and our artists were feeling more like the three little pigs than a flock of birds when the big bad wind huffed and puffed and blew their tents in on the night before our spring edition of Proutopia!  If you need further convincing - and you didn't see it in a previous post, just take a gander at what happened to our booths last June.   So if it rains - your only worry is what to wear. (We recommend duck boots and a rain  jacket.) Click here for   guidance . There is one other thing we are recommending - along with our beautiful, curated art market (and all the shopping that comes with it) we have lots of other things to engage you: artists and creatives will be chatting about their process; some will invite you to add to an art installation; some will offer the opportunity to make your own art to take home; and some activities and settings will entice you

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