How to Proutopia

Everyone who loves Proutopia knows one thing for certain: The art market happens come rain or shine. Heidi Hunter and our artists were feeling more like the three little pigs than a flock of birds when the big bad wind huffed and puffed and blew their tents in on the night before our spring edition of Proutopia! If you need further convincing - and you didn't see it in a previous post, just take a gander at what happened to our booths last June. 

So if it rains - your only worry is what to wear. (We recommend duck boots and a rain jacket.) Click here for guidance.

There is one other thing we are recommending - along with our beautiful, curated art market (and all the shopping that comes with it) we have lots of other things to engage you: artists and creatives will be chatting about their process; some will invite you to add to an art installation; some will offer the opportunity to make your own art to take home; and some activities and settings will entice you to just sit and take it all in. So to that end...

Bring Your Own Blanket! Even if it's just big enough for you to nest on by yourself. Better make it big enough for two - and bring a friend.

What’s Onsite?

The bower is decorated and waiting, the stage is set for music and our rovers. 

Proutopia will be flaunting her finest feathers with yarn bombing and flapping flags. Check out the Bowerboard for the daily schedule.

Help The Butter Tart Lady break her record of 280 dozen in two days!

Gigi Chen’s mural is up on the wall (waiting for you to add your creative touches), the Sunbird Exhibit is hung and ready for your viewer's choice vote, the models are prepped for live sketching led by Margaret Webb, the Boro Bower is assembled, Wild Writers are ready to read, the butter tarts are hanging out with fresh-perked coffee at the Butter Tart CafĂ©, Island Fusion ready to serve up Caribbean-style cuisine ... and 30 or so art market booths with eager artists are waiting to meet you with wonderful things for sale. (Made just for you.)

Swoop in and perch awhile at Heidi Hunter’s Runs With Scissors Studio (she'll be guiding a tour twice daily) and get your draw ticket after The Little Parade at 10:00 am (and if you miss it, there’s The Even Littler Parade at 2:00 pm).

We’re waiting to welcome you to the flock! 

Tickets at the door are $10, or online HERE


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