Accordion to Anne-Marie

If you are standing in the middle of the Manitoba prairie but it sounds like Paris, France, you must be at Proutopia!

That lovely Gallic sound weaving in and out amongst our artists and patrons is brought to you by the
dancing fingers and walking legs of accordionist Ann-Marie Williot. Merrily she’ll stroll along playing
tunes that will make your heart sing.

Proutopia Press: How long have you been playing the accordion?
Anne-Marie Williot: About 6 years.

PP: How do you train for the two day walk around Proutopia? (Weights? Sprints? Push-ups?
Stationary Bicycle?)
AM: I train by picking up tomatoes, sorting seeds, smashing walls, building staircases, climbing trees,
opening windows, paying attention to my dreams, stretching out my fingers and toes, breathing and
PP: How many tunes in your repertoire?
AM: My repertoire is alive, a flexible in and out of songs. How many songs can you sing in three,
four, five hours? Something like that, more or less, depending on my memory and the creativity
of the moment.

PP: What is your favourite?
AM: How could I have favourite? I fall in love with the new songs as they sprout out of me and
then I fall in love with them again later on when I haven’t played them in a while and I suddenly
remember them.

PP: What’s your dream gig?
AM: Playing for people who are touched by and feel connected to my music.

PP: Anything else accordion-related you’d like Proutopians to know?
AM: If they are curious and brave, they can ask me!

Step up and say Hi! to Anne-Marie, our artful accordionist this weekend at Proutopia.

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