Everything's comin' up Rosie

Rosie Neufeld that is!

Proutopia is welcoming Rosie as Site Coordinator to make sure everything goes tickety-boo this weekend. And she’s got festival chops! She is one of the legendary founders of the Handmade Village (Winnipeg Folk Festival) and she is bringing all that funky folkie energy and her formidable (but super-friendly) organizational skills with her.

She’ll have the clipboard and the map in hand and she’ll be there to welcome artists and visitors alike. She’ll also be happy to answer questions (or find the answers for you) and she’d love to talk to you about Rick’s CafĂ© Coffee available this weekend only. She’s also got some groovy walking sticks for you to check out (we’re calling them Uber Wands).
Btw, here’s what Rosie had to say about Proutopia:  

“I will definitely agree to be an ambassador to what I discovered was the best art show I’ve seen in Manitoba in a long while. I’ll do anything I can to make this thing proud!”
-Rosie Neufeld

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