Feel the love

His bark won’t bite! Feel the need for a little arborial affection? The Hugging Tree is where it’s at, located just to the left of the Proutopia entry Portal.

Artist Chris Larsen is the heart and soul behind the Hugging Tree. She carved him out of sheets of blue styrofoam and then papermachéd over him with mortar to make him weather resistant.

But autumn comes to us all ... especially trees. After this Proutopia, the Hugging Tree will retire to the woods at Chris’ River’s Edge studio west of Carmen. So be sure to get your hug and your photo with him this weekend!

Add a sticker somewhere on your face or body and you’ve got the perfect photo to upload to #proutopia on Facebook, Instagram or to email to protuopia@runswithscissorsstudio.ca  You can get a hug and chance at a prize from our artists It’s a win-win!

The Hugging Tree in the Making

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