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The Ubuntu Unicorn is an elusive creature which briefly visits its early autumn migratory destination Proutopia. Seldom, if ever seen, the Ubuntu Unicorn is magnetically drawn to the wildly colourful palettes displayed by the regional “Artists,” a group of talented, upright bipedal creatures who will display their plumage or “wares” for two days only on September 1st and 2nd.

While the Ubuntu Unicorn is not visible to visitors, evidence of its presence will be presented by the talented people from Ubuntu Bakery, Anna and Jana Badenhorst. These professionally-trained bakers and “unicorn whisperers” will prepare, display and sell “Unicorn Poops,” one of the most highly sought after delicacies of the Proutopian diet.

In addition to Unicorn Poops, the Badenhorsts will bring other goodies made from delectable whole grains, real butter and cream, cold-pressed virgin olive oil, farm eggs, and real vanilla beans.

Their bakery is named Ubuntu, after the South African Nguni (Zulu and Xhosa) philosophy, which describes the way Africans approach life. Ubuntu Bakery brings this spirit of community to Proutopia - the same spirit they share with the rest of the people in their community.

Come and see Ubuntu’s delicious South African goodies at Proutopia!
See Ubuntu here in the Proutopia Brochure

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