I Wand You to Wand Me!

When you attend Proutopia’s Little Parade to celebrate the opening of the market festival it is imperative that you bring that most magical of implements ... The Magic Wand! In fact, you'll need your magic wand several times over the weekend art sale as there will be much "conjury" happening.

Ideally, this will be a magic wand of your own making, something that sparks a little light in your heart and feels good in your hand, particularly when "flourished." Wooden spoons make excellent wands. You may already have one in a drawer. Grab a pen knife, embellish it with some carving and some paint and make it your own (plain is OK, too). Then come to Proutopia on September 1stand 2nd and help us Conjure Something Up!

p.s. Don’t worry, if you forget your wand, we can loan you one!


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