LIVE at Proutopia!

On Sept 1-2, we're going LIVE with Rick the Muse on Facebook and Instagram!  Attendees, we invite you to bring paper and pencil for periodic Sketch-alongs with our online friends who aren’t lucky enough to visit Proutopia in person but are eager and willing to set their alarms to tune in from the other side of the planet. These live sessions will be hosted by Proutopia’s videographer Kit Muir and she’ll field questions for Rick as he strikes a pose for in-person and virtual Proutopians. It’s your chance to sharpen those pencils - and some mad art skills. D√©bora Cardaci will be on hand, demo-ing drawing techniques, and over the weekend she'll be creating a sculpture of our muse Rick.

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After you meet Rick, mosey into the ‘Showdio’ and enjoy our onsite gallery exhibit Rick Made Me Do It, where you’ll see what he's stirred up in artists from all over North America and beyond. We're sorting, recording, and editing a slideshow like you've never seen.  With 160+ entries from places as far as Australia, South Africa, and Thailand, Rick's face delights and aMUSEs people 'round the globe. Wait'll you see the variety, talent, and creativity these artists have shared for your viewing pleasure. What talent and generosity of these artists to contribute their work to say “Thanks for the Face”.  

“I'm very happy and proud to be a part of this collaborative international event.” Dagmar Kuechler  Erfurt, Germany

What a cool event you’re having! Sounds like so much fun.  I love Rick’s generosity and goofiness and would be honored to submit a couple of drawings I did of him for Sktchy.”
Diane Jeng Wong Alhambra, CA

“Who’s the Instagram account that’s made for you and me?
R I C... K T H... E M U S E!”
John (Jaks) Martin London, UK

What a lovely idea for an exhibition!”
Joan Martin  Durban, South Africa

This is an awesome project and I’d be proud to be part of it.”
Mark Jakubowski

"Such a great idea, Rick made me do it! Here is a Rick drawing from the Netherlands. Best of luck and lots of fun with all the preparations!"
Tamara Linssen, Ermelo, Netherlands

"Hey! This happening at Proutopia seems to be so fun! I’m really sad I live in a completely different part of the world, as I would have loved to come and join the party."
Anna Nordvall, Tormellia, Sweden

”Since working on this project together, Rick and I are friends for life. We even pinky swore.” Heidi Hunter


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