Proutopia Prep

Today I spent the day dyeing, trying to ignore the "ding ding" on my phone. I've been DYING to dye.  Here's what was cooking in the sun.  Tomorrow I rinse and soak. I'm so excited to show you my new fall line.

A week and a half away, Proutopia artists are taking time from their prep to check in to let everyone know they're as excited as I am. I love the community of artists we've built.

This afternoon, Joyce Seppala from Thunderbay sent me a teaser of an image and a note...

Nature is speaking.  Eco-dyed coats from the Boreal Forest are coming to Proutopia.  The process is intense and addictive; similar to alchemy where the aim is to purify and perfect.  The result, like nature, spectacular.  

I can't stand still.  I'm so excited about the new coats!


About an hour later I got this from Susan McIlwain,

Thinking all the time about Proutopia.
My thoughts, my dreams and my quiet time at work are spent thinking of designs for Proutopia.
Having this event gets my thoughts flowing for more creations. It is a goal for launching designs to swirl in my head. 
We all have a certain amount of prep time for Proutopia. I can feel everyone humming at work in their Studios. There is a vibration that is magical and full of anticipation for this gathering while we all work away on our creations in our own worlds.  I know and feel that each and every one of the Artists that are exhibiting at Proutopia 2018 are in their own focused state of being. 
We are all waiting to see each other and what we will be bringing to Prout Road. 
Let the Magic begin........


Then she attached this to remind me she's a serious artist.  

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