Proutopia's Butter Tartist

What's this?

ANSWER:  This is how many butter tarts were sold at the June Proutopia, 2018.
240 dozen = 2880 tarts.

Proutopia’s Queen of Butter Tarts is back with even more butter tarts. Don’t be disappointed - get there early - ironically, these tarts sell like hotcakes.

Here’s a little Q&A with Michelle Wierda, the Butter Tart Lady
Proutopia Press: What’s the best thing about butter tarts?
Michelle Wierda: They are calorie-free.
PP: Who taught you to make butter tarts?
MW: My mom, with a recipe from a family friend.
PP: How long did it take you to make 240 dozen last June?
MW: Two weeks.
PP: How much flour did it take to make 240 dozen?
MW: A 20 kg bag will make 60 dozen. (If you’re doing the math, that’s four bags).
PP: How many pounds of butter?
MW: 6 pounds of butter will make sixteen dozen (I have quit doing the math)
PP: How many can you bake in the oven at one time?
MW: I have access to an oven that can bake 30 dozen at once.
PP: How many tart pans do you have?
MW: Enough to make 24 dozen.
PP: What do you drink with your butter tarts?
MW: It’s gotta be Rick’s Café!
PP: Funniest thing that’s ever happened while making butter tarts?
MW: Air pockets! The tarts started doing weird things and looked like wonky spaceships. I called them my “Wierd-a tarts.”
PP: Are there any other butter tart facts that I have missed that you think are important?
MW: You can’t eat just one. Get to Proutopia early - we’re aiming to sell 300 dozen +. We’ll also have vegan and gluten-free!
Help us reach our goal!  We'll be celebrating each dozen sold. 
BTW, this is what 3600 butter tarts looks like...


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