Rick the Muse's Busy Weekend

Catch Rick the Muse All Day Saturday and Sunday at Proutopia

This Sept long, Rick is going to be doing more than wizarding around our festival site at Proutopia. He’s got a full schedule of characters ready to pose for all our guests this weekend. Bring your art supplies (or pick some up at Proutopia) and get Rick on paper - you can take him home or hang him up in the Studio Gallery as part of the exhibition Rick Made Me Do It.
Here’s his Saturday & Sunday schedule to help you Pick Your Rick:
10 am Wizard Rick
11 am Wizard Rick grants wishes in the Cavern.
12 pm Fisherman Rick at the Wharf
1 pm Rick at the Quick Draw Corral beside the "Showdio"
2 pm Wizard Rick in the Cavern.
3 pm Mad Hatter at Hat Trick Booth (Tent #2)
4 pm Father Oak in the Forest Glen

He’s sure to draw a crowd! (Or the crowd will draw him!)

12 Noon.  See you at the wharf.

3 pm Mad Hatter - Bring your favourite hat for Rick to wear for the perfect photo op.  Upload and hashtag #rickthemuse or tag Rick on Insta @rick_the_muse. If Rick shares it, someone on the other side of the world might immortalize that cap in paint, pencil or pastels!

4 pm Father Oak will meet you in the Forest Glen

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Contact us: proutopia(at)runswithscissors.ca


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