Birds Who Give

"A Blue You" by Gigi Chen

Did you know that gift-giving is a part of bird culture? Many birds give gifts as a way of seeking a mate or strengthening pair bonds. The Bower Bird builds an elaborate love offering to woo the ladies. The Northern Cardinal gives gifts of seeds. Crows will actually give gifts to humans if they perceive that they have done them some good. (Evidently, crows know which side their breadcrumbs are buttered on.)

Proutopia is welcoming some giving birds to the art market this Labour Day weekend.

Yoko Chapman: Ayoko Design

Yoko Chapman from Ayoko Design has organized a special giving project and its floral sensibility fits right in with our bower bird theme. Even better, our festival goers get to have a little fun helping her out:

Come make flowers with Ayoko Design ( ) in your favourite 
fibre medium! Supplies and inspiration will be provided onsite. Your fibre flower creations will be entered in our contest and featured on Instagram and at the Manitoba Fibre Festival. The finished flowers will be sold and proceeds will support local youth programming and the arts through the Anthologie Fund at the Winnipeg Foundation.

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Also available at Yoko’s bower booth is Down to Earth: Homemade Soups in Handmade Vessels, a cookbook in support of Winnipeg Harvest for only $10! You’ll find her  under the tent right next to the garage.

Monique Marie in Association with Manitoba Animal Alliance
Monique Marie is lending a hand to help out the Manitoba Animal Alliance.

This alliance is built on sharing knowledge, resources, and training for the health and safety of people and pets with First Nation and Inuit communities of northern Manitoba, and remote fly-in communities. 

Monique has joined forces with artist Talia Keyton, who has created a special painting titled “Biodiversity.”  The 24" x 48” long piece is done in spray paint and acrylic. 

The spray paint layers are more abstract expressionist, whilst the details in acrylics will be off assorted birds, flora & fauna.
This work will be raffled off in support of Manitoba Animal Alliance.

Talia Keyton says:

When I immerse myself in creating art about life I feel infinite. I have come to believe that in choosing to engage with this feeling, I am choosing all along the way to reveal more of my wholeness to myself. This sense of oneness I experience through my work is a sensation I will gladly spend my life chasing.
Monique will have other items to raffle as well. Draws will take place at the end of Proutopia and Monique will notify the winners.

And speaking of tickets ... Get your tickets to Proutopia here:


  1. ❤️ that I will be able to create a flower with Ayoko Design at Proutopia!


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