From New York to Proutopia!

I told you earlier in this blog, how I was introduced to the bowerbird (Read it here).  I was at an art event in California, where NYC artist Gigi Chen was speaking about art, love and this remarkable bird. Its song sang out to me: Gather what you love to attract that which loves you.

(If you don't know what a bowerbird is, you'd better watch this video before you go any further.)  

So, with bowerbird as muse, my heart took flight. I hatched a plan. Without hesitation, I phoned Gigi in New York, telling her she had inspired this year's event at my studio. I told her I wanted to "woo" her to Proutopia in the fall.
I asked a complete stranger, "So, if we build it, will you come...?" And she said, "YES!"

Gigi Chen

drawings by
Gigi Chen

Heaven (More than Everything) Gigi Chen
Since she first inspired this year's festival, we've built her a bower, sent her a plane ticket, and I'm happy to announce, she'll be onsite at Proutopia creating a special offering just for us.  All I can tell you right now, is that you'll be invited to contribute something from your heart.  Stay tuned for details.

Proutopia is my bower. Joined by 30 creatives, we will show off the things we love: art, music, merriment ... and butter tarts. And I have no doubt we will give a Manitoba welcome to this renowned artist.

Our bower awaits you.

- Heidi Hunter


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