Gigi Chen’s Gift to Proutopia

Gigi Chen is flying from New York to Prout Road, R.M. of St. Andrews, and she’ll be bringing all her creative game. Heidi Hunter and Chris Larsen have already prepared a mural-sized (8 ft X 6.5 ft) canvas for Gigi to work on.

Gigi will land in Winnipeg on Wednesday, August 28 and start painting as soon as she unpacks. When you land at Proutopia on Saturday, August 31 and Sunday September 1, you’ll be invited -
like the flock that flies as a murmuration (in synchronized movement) - to explore and add to the set.

Gigi was born in Guang Dong, China and raised in New York. Her work combines her training as a traditional animator and painter and is influenced by her love of the techniques of the “Old Masters.” Deeply informed by storytelling, her work weaves together her love of contemporary art genres: cartooning; photorealism; texture; and design. It all coalesces into an expression of love, craft and fun.

During her visit to Proutopia, Gigi will share her journey as an artist and how her discovery of the bower bird led her to a personal revelation that inspired her to find new meaning in her art practice during a watershed moment in her life.
The prepared mural canvas has been hung on one of Proutopia’s oversized fences (protected with a tarp for now). Gigi will be working outdoors in the sunshine (it’s always sunny in Proutopia). But should the Proutopia sun duck out for a bit and make way for a few raindrops - the whole shebang will move into the garage on the north side of the house.

Come and say hello to Gigi and hear her story - and remember to bring a little something blue for her bower. Maybe ... peacock blue?

Tickets are still up for grabs. Find them here:


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