Heidi Hunter's Labour of Love

The Bower has been built! And it’s signalling to those who know - or who want to know - how wonderful Proutopia is.

from Heidi's sketchbook
The Bowerbird constructs its bower, resplendent in colour and form, in the hope of attracting that one partner that shares its aesthetic sense. But this Bower Bird has been building for a flock: Heidi Hunter from Runs with Scissors Studio been engaged in this labour of love for months.
The Bowerbird is about love, longing and desire. With Proutopia, I am welcoming people to my home and my creative space. When I first heard New York artist Gigi Chen talk about how her creativity flourished under the Bowerbird’s spell, she spoke directly to my heart. Its birdsong resonated with my own heartsong. This was the inspiration for Birds of a Feather.I don’t believe you can choose and buy art as if you were at a drive-through. You come to Proutopia, you stroll around the market booths. You might walk in the woods or sit and enjoy some music and a butter tart. You meet with the artists, you look across the way at something special and say: Yes. That’s the perfect thing I’ve been looking for.
Feather Ghosts - a series of acrylic monoprints (Heidi Hunter)
Proutopia lets you forget your everyday self a little. For Birds of a Feather, you can come and be part of a flock that you will never meet anywhere else.
Mr. Pileated will be making a guest appearance in her studio- this art quilt on loan back for the weekend from the owner.

You’ll find Heidi in her studio, to the left of the portal.

Proutopia is calling to you! Follow the links below for more info.


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