Little Darlin', It's Alright

In the middle of this whirling dervish of creating Proutopia, we came up with a wonderful idea.  Lori Zebiére and I each run drawing groups on Facebook.  Hers is Manitoba Quick Draw Art Club with local artists, mine is called Up for a Challenge and has members round the world. 

As a creative exercise, I put out this little post with inspiration photos of our Proutopia Sunbird along with some inspiration photos taken at the June Proutopia.  It wasn't intended to be an exhibition, just a fun creative challenge within the closed group.  Well, that was short-lived.  The art that people were posting was too good not to share.  We've asked the artists if we can exhibit their work and we've got a show!

Hey, and it's not to late to put a drawing in the show.  Just join one of our FB groups. 
Btw, our Sunbird will be modelling for visitors to draw her, so bring your sketchbook. She texted me and said she'll be the Sunbird on the opening day, but she may have a flamingo thing happening on Sunday.  That's the spirit!  It's so great to have incredible creative support from our flock!



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